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General Disclaimer

Please take some time to read these conditions carefully before making your registration official.


  • Once registered, you must periodically visit this website to review any information useful for the Conference you applied for;
  • Make sure to contact your CWMUN Contact Person in case urgent information are needed;
  • Letters or supporting documents can be provided upon request. No letters of invitation or additional documents will be provided before having submitted your first payment due;
  • Any costs for Visa are not applicable to CWMUN or any of its Offices. The letter of invitation does not cover registration fees or any related expenses and is considered a formality to facilitate the process of obtaining a VISA;
  • Scholarships or general discount rates may not be available for all Conferences or during the entire Registration Period. If you need further assistance on how to get a Scholarship please contact us before registering;
  • While CWMUN uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this website, errors or omissions sometimes occur;
  • CWMUN also assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any errors or flights’ inconveniences that may occur while planning your trip to one of the Conferences;
  • The online form are free and out of any charge. Your registration will be considered confirmed when you submit your first payment;
  • Only fully completed registrations will be accepted;
  • For any reason beyond our control (e.g. Conference Venue internal scheduling, Hotel check-in delays, strikes, flight delays) or any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond our control that have an impact on the arrangements, timetables or planning, the CWMUN has the right to immediately alter the Conference schedule or any of the arrangements, timetables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly to itself. The Organization and/or participants shall not be entitled to any compensation for damages that result from such alteration or cancellation.

Payments: Your invoice will reflect the total due according to the package(s) you select upon registration. All payments must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines mentioned in our CWUN General Policy info sheets. Should one deadline be missed, CWMUN can decide to unilaterally cancel your participation to the Conference due to unpaid balance.

  • The registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of your first payment. Each participant or Group Leader will receive electronic confirmation of their registration and fully assisted by one of the members of our Staff;
  • If the maximum attendee capacity is reached, the organizers may reserve the right to refuse any registration by contacting the registrant(s). There could be other opportunities available and the Staff will be at your disposal for further assistance;

Travel documents: Each participant is responsible for having a valid passport for entry in any of the Countries where our Conferences take place;

  • Participants requiring a VISA for entry into the United States of America or in any other Country are advised to submit their application in their home country at least two months prior to the intended date of travel. Please check with the Embassy in your country to determine if a VISA is required.
  • Registration(s) cancellation and requests for refund must be received in writing at the CWMUN Secretariat email address no later than the dates mentioned in our Policy. Beyond this period, refunds for cancellation are not applicable. Cancellations due to VISA application refusal /delay are non-refundable. Please be aware that eligible refunds, may be transacted after the Conference due to Administrative reasons.