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CWMUN Welcomes Middle School Students

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If you believe we are able to run a Model UN Conference with three different levels Committees, the answer is YES. We are! We are more than proud to announce the second edition of the CWMUN NYC for Middle Schools. As you might know already, CWMUN is an immersive experience where students from all over the world work together to develop solutions to construct a better world that they will implement on their return home. The importance is that students like ours develop connections with students from different levels and different backgrounds. After the 2016 Conference, we were happy to see our students first educated themselves about specific international issues, and when the debate began, gained an elevated understanding of what actual delegates encounter when international relationships and possible conflicts coincide on a world stage.

  • Places
    3000 students
  • Date
    5 - 7 April 2024
  • University
    New York City
  • Locations
    Multiple locations
  • License
    University, High School, Middle School

See all the photos and videos from the last edition:


Creativity is important in every level of our students’ education, and our students use CWMUN NYC when undertaking the important part of a delegate discussing serious issues that affect the world.

Over the course of three days, our little students will be guided and mentored by our CWMUN Trainers and Staff who will support them to enjoy the experience at its fullest. They will learn everything they need to know to implement a project of resolution independently or in collaboration with others.

CWMUN wants to help you prepare for the Change the World Model UN NYC so that from the day you register you will be able to do and lead your delegation to UN education and success. Schools participating for the first time can register and request a special training to attend CWMUN NYC successfully. We are always here to help, if you are asking yourself if middle school students can do a Model UN Conference, the answer is: they must!