CWMUN Group Registration

Please read carefully before submitting your application

  • Group registrations will be accepted for a minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 60 participants. On a general note, there is no limit to delegations’ size. Registrations will be accepted until full capacity is reached
  • Your registration form can either be accepted directly into this web portal or through any of our CWMUN Promoters or Staff
  • Your registration will be accepted if completed in full. One of our Staffers will contact and assist you until Conference days
  • It is mandatory for the group coordinator to submit full name details of each registered participant. Students’ emails are appreciated
  • Double-check your email address before submitting the form and make sure to give us the email address you check on a daily basis. Most of our communications will be done via email
  • Your invoice will be sent via email by one of our Staffers and will reflect the total amount due according to the package you selected upon Registration. Additional documents (e.g. Payment receipts) can be requested to your CWMUN contact person
  • Your group registration becomes effective upon receipt of the first payment. It is possible to increase/decrease the number of participants of a group upon request and according to the deadline mentioned our General Policy
  • Name Changes: Changes to existing registrations will be accepted until one month prior the Conference. Changes made less than a month before the event or onsite will be subject to Secretariat discretion
  • You can ask for assistance in case you want to change your Package before Registrations will be officially closed
  • It is the responsibility of the group coordinator to pass along all information about the Conference to all students registered

If you are not a Teacher/Advisor but still want to attend with a group of students your registration can be accepted. Please let us know if you are a Parent, a Chaperon, a MUN Club President or just want to be the leader of a group and attend the Conference with your friends. You are welcome to join us. Whichever is your role, make sure to put your main information in the sections reserved to Advisors;

Please note: the CWMUN will not send individual registration confirmations to group participants. It is entirely the responsibility of the group coordinator to confirm registrations to the group participants. Therefore, the group coordinator will receive a registration confirmation. If no group pick-up has been arranged by the group coordinator, the participant will be able to pick up the badge on site for Conference check-in.

Payments accepted: Paypal or Wire Transfer. Contact us for assistance. It is advisable to make payments on behalf of the School only. Individual payments may be approved by the Secretariat if requested;

  • If you have restrictions by your country on the transfer of funds to another country (either by bank or credit card using Paypal), you are welcome to contact us and discuss the possibility of on-site payment. Your situation will be evaluated by the Secretariat;
  • If requested, your letter of Invitation will be provided once your deposit is submitted. A copy of your passport is compulsory.
  • The letter of invitation does not cover registration fees or any related expenses and is considered a formality to facilitate the process of obtaining a VISA;

Please fill and submit this application form