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Game Changers

Associazione Diplomatici & Change the World have decided to devote special attention to the theme of being or becoming game changers.

A game changer is someone who knows how to redefine the playing field, innovate the rules without violating them, and that never gives up, even when faced with the impossible.

Today, being a game changer is a challenge for all of us.

Everybody needs to be creative, curious, inspiring, always challenging common ways of thinking, respecting our interlocutors.

The game changer can also be an expression used to describe a particular moment: it is the “aha moment”, the eureka moment, the moment when we are able to see something that others do not see and which can have a concrete impact on our lives and the way we innovate.

A game changer is usually in constant search of something new, is not satisfied with everyday life, but seeks the challenge, the uniqueness of the opportunity.

Game changers are therefore not just dreamers, but fighters, pragmatic people who take risks and, above all, who believe in their idea so much that they try to develop it in every possible way until it becomes reality.

Game Changers are a driving force, people they interact with follow their as they see them as leaders of change and transformation, recognizing their role as role models for innovation.

Each of us can make a difference, as Galileo Galilei, Gandhi, Martin Luther King did yesterday and as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai and many others are doing today.