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Change the World

A Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation of the UN System where students can learn about diplomacy and international relations. At a MUN Conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization or person and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. MUN teaches participants research, speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues.

The Change the World is a Model UN events program sponsored by Associazione Diplomatici. It brings together over 10.000 students from all over the world every year to create international youth forums that takes place in New York, Rome, Dubai and Singapore. The experience is designed for young people who want to change the world and improve themselves. Change the World is an opportunity to grow, learn to relate to those who think differently and become citizens of the world. CWMUN is a unique event where students, political leaders, sports champions and geopolitics experts come together to discuss about future, cooperation and sustainability.

Associazione Diplomatici is the main sponsor (and organizer) of the Change the World MUN Program. Diplomatici is an italian NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2016. For over 20 years, through a complementary training activity has trained over 40,000 students from all over the world. The purpose of the Diplomatici is to convey to young people the sense of belonging to today’s global society, to bring forth their sense of responsibility towards the issues that affect our planet, and train them to encourage their concrete commitment as leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

Training and Conferences

Change the World is not just a Model UN Conference, but a unique training experience addressed to high school and university students. Our educational package gives you the opportunity to range from multiple types of content and innovative training experiences, always combining theory with a large number of practical working sessions. Our courses are preparatory to participating in CWMUN Conferences and provide all the tools you need to make an experience that lives up to your expectations.

Be aware that in order to obtain the e-certificate of participation, it is mandatory to attend at least 75% of scheduled classes.
However, we know there are some commitments you won’t be able to postpone. In these cases, you should let us know in advance. You will always have the possibility to watch all lessons by through our e-learning platform. But bear in mind that all meetings are important for you preparation.


The ideal profile shows strong motivation, an open mind, interest and curiosity for international topics and current issues in general, as well as a good level of English (the only official language at CWMUN ). We also strongly consider any previous international experience (eg Erasmus, year of study or research abroad, volunteering, internship in multicultural contexts), as well as membership of associations and NGOs.

The only official language of the CWMUN is English. Since all students must be able to interact in written and oral form, we suggest having at least an upper intermediate level (B2 – CEFR). It is often difficult to do a self-assessment if you do not have a language certification. For this reason, we prefer to assess your English proficiency level during our selection interview.

Generally, the results of the selection interview are sent by e-mail to candidates within 24-48 hours. If the time elapsed since you took the interview is longer, you can send an email to support_eng@cwmun.org. In the email with the results you will also find all the instructions on how to proceed if you are among the selected students.


The scholarship is an economic benefit that is provided to students who successfully pass the CWMUN admission interview. These are meant as financial aids provided by Associazione Diplomatici. The financial aids cover the Conference participation fees and other services (ex. accommodation), but the training course is always excluded and must be paid by the studens.

Example: After carrying out the selection interview, the applicant is provided with a € 1000 scholarship. The applicant chooses to participate in one of the CWMUN conferences by purchasing the “Classic” package – worth 2000 €. The applicant can subtract the 1000 € share of his/her scholarship from the cost of the chosen package which, therefore, will cost 1.000 €. This cost is borne by the applicant who wants to register for the Conference. In some cases, together with the economic benefit, the applicants also obtain ancillary services (insurance, accommodation, etc.)

Associazione Diplomati, main sponsor of Change the World MUN, provides scholarships for the participation of the best students for all the CWMUN World Program events. To be able to access the benefits of a scholarship it is sufficient to send your application for one of the Change the World Model UN. Scholarships are awarded to those students who successfully pass the selection interview that takes place right after the application.

All scholarships are not to be considered as cash prizes. They represent a discount title applicable to participation fees in CWMUN events.

The scholarships offered by Associazione Diplomatici do not cover the entire CWMUN participation fee, in fact the costs for the training course remain the responsibility of the student. Our financial aid may cover up to 1,000.00 €. So, the value of your scholarship must be subtracted from the cost of the chosen package.

Example: CWMUN NYC Smart Package (1,875.00€) – Scholarship (1,000.00€) = 875.00€ still to be paid for the training course

Travel arrangements

Registration fees for Change the World events do not include travel and visa expenses. These expenses are borne by participants. Associazione Diplomatici does not deal with travel arrangements for students. As regards visas, we can provide support by letter of invitation, but this can only be requested after paying the full registration fees.

Yes! We can provide you with an invitation letter so you can ask for a Visa. We will send you the invitation letter only if your appication is complete and you have paid the registration fee. To send the request, write an email to admin@cwmun.org. Do not forget, in the meantime, to make an appointment at the nearest embassy

The hotels selected for the stay of the students are communicated approximately one month from the start date of the Conference. Usually the overnight stay takes place in a 3-4 star hotel. Breakfast is never included.


As regards the payment methods, the following are provided:

  • Bank money transfer to the following bank details


  • Paypal addressing the payment to paypal@diplomatici.it
  • Credit Card, in this case, a specific request must be made via email to the address admin@cwmun.org

We ask you to block your slot with an immediate payment only if, following the interview, you are eligible for a scholarship. The reason is because the scholarship fund is limited, and it is therefore important to confirm your participation right away. Otherwise, your scholarship can be re-assigned to another deserving student.

Fake info about CWMUN

We have always done our best to ensure the best possible experience for all students who attended our courses and events. But as in all things, relationships don’t always end with a smile. In most cases, this happened when students, at the time of enrollment, ignore or do not care to fully understand (read) the conditions under which they are purchasing our training packages. This inevitably leads to disappointment when it turns out that one’s expectations are betrayed. Expectations, however, must always be the result of full awareness of what one chooses.

Upon enrollment, we ask all students to complete and sign a proper contract. This regulates the obligations of the parties in detail, explaining exactly what happens in most situations that may present complications. This is the reason why we strongly insist that, before completing enrollment in a CWMUN program, the student has read very carefully the “General Terms and Conditions” stated in each of our contracts.

For any doubt or question, it is always better to contact us and let us know in advance about any concerns. We will be happy to provide you with proper answers, and this will certainly make your experience positive.

Nothing can be more false! We receive thousands of requests from students all over the world every day. We always try to answer every question that comes to us on different channels. With such a massive flow it can sometimes happen that the answers you expect don’t always arrive in less than 24 hours. This happens because we always try to solve any problems, but they don’t always have a simple solution.

If you have tried to get in touch with us and you haven’t yet received an answer, please be patient. Always remember to address your questions correctly.

Do not reply to emails that have “NO-REPLY” as sender. Always read the communications we send you and pay attention to the specific contacts we provide you from time to time. This will make our work easier and get answers faster.

Feel free to browse our websites, contact us or refer to other sources (e.g. newspapers) that talked about us. For example, you could take a look at the official United Nations Media website to watch the recording of our latest live events. Or you can read the blog post that the University of Birmingham dedicated to us. Otherwise, you can see our photo albums. But if all this wasn’t enough, please set things once for all, give us a call or text us on whatsapp.

Withdrawals and refunds

Regardless of which Course or Conference you decided to attend, each contract we offer allows students to withdraw according to clear clauses. We suggest you checking the “Withdrawal” section in the “General terms and conditions” document. To withdraw, strictly adhere to the methods and times provided in the contract you signed.

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