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From Abu Dhabi city’s famous Corniche to the Oasis City of Al Ain and the massive dunes of the western region’s Empty Quarter desert in Al Gharbia, culture, history and adventure are encapsulated in the Emirate. Experience the architectural prowess of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a stroll through Al Ain’s cooling oasis, experience an adrenaline rush on the world’s fastest roller coaster, or marvel at the history of an emirate dotted with ancient forts and historic sites – several of which have been listed as official UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Places
    1000 students
  • Date
    October 25 - 27, 2024
  • University
    Abu Dhabi
  • Locations
    NYU Campus
  • License
    University, High School, Middle School

Age requirements:
Middle School: 9 – 13
High School: 14 – 18
University: 18 – 28

Enjoy the always-changing views of Abu Dhabi while experiencing the emirate by land, air or sea, or experiencing the genuine feel of authentic Arabia while relaxing under the stars on a desert safari, or spending a fun day with your peeps in one of the malls, you’ll discover that Abu Dhabi is a genuine leisure haven that will convince you to return again and again.

Right after your Committee Sessions make sure to visit the city a little and discover its beauty. The NYU Camp is located away from the city center however. It is very well connected to the city center.

Many taxi drivers speak fluent English, but are not always familiar with street names, so it helps to know exactly where you are going. It is also helpful to take the phone number of your destination with you in case you get lost. When using a taxi, always take a receipt in case you leave something behind in the vehicle. It is then much more likely that you will get your items back quickly, as the call center will be able to identify the vehicle and call the driver immediately.

There are a number of visitor services centers around Abu Dhabi that act as one-stop shops for destination information and assistance. If you want to learn more stop by one of the following places or ask our Staff.
Abu Dhabi International Airport: Daily, 7am – 1am
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Daily, except Mondays, 11am – 8pm
World Trade Center Souk: Daily, 10am – 8pm