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EMSE – Educational Model Stock Exchange

The increasing importance of financial activity in everyday life has pushed us to devise a unique educational program to train future classes of future leaders to understand not only the complexity of financial dynamics in globalized markets, but knowing how to grasp the connection between geopolitics and finance and their strategic implications

Through a simple and accessible didactic approach, EMSE allows participants to analyze the interconnections between geopolitical events and the financial markets trends. The main focus is oriented to the discovery of the bilateral relationship between macro-economic and financial dynamics, and global cultural, political and social changes.

The course aims to develop the following knowledge and skills:

  • know the financial markets, the main operators and their relationships, and the main financial instruments;
  • understand the correlation between global politics and finance;
  • being able to identify the effects that certain geopolitical events may have on international markets (and vice-versa);
  • understand the economic policies implemented by the States to limit the effects of external contingencies on the markets;
  • know how to evaluate the pros and cons of market assets and manage portfolio.

The course is open to high school and university students and there are no specific requirements for access as the course is only a basis for any subsequent further study. In fact, the activity is not designed to provide preparatory knowledge for investment activities or the implementation of financial strategies.


eToro provides participants with the trading platform that allows to test the knowledge acquired during the training course by working on a virtual portfolio that follows real market trends. Etoro platform is considered today as the best social trading platform, and represents the ideal tool to demonstrate what happens in real life is then reflected on market valuations. A perfect platform for practical exercises, very user-friendly for both beginners and more experienced traders.

Part of the content of the training course is curated by Kairos, Diplomatici’s partner for EMSE. Kairos, a Julius Baer Group company, is a european point of reference both in asset and wealth management industry sector. In almost 20 years, Kairos has been able to position itself on the market as a leader in product innovation and in the creation of investment solutions for private and institutional customers, as well as for distribution networks.

Training Course Structure

The course is developed in 10 (online) meetings lasting 2:00 hours each, during which practical activities, masterclasses and moments of frontal teaching. The last meetings is dedicated to the analysis of the results achieved.

DOWNLOAD >>> the EMSE Plan of Study (former edition)

The theoretical component of the educational path provides an overview of the financial markets, the main operators and the most current financial instruments. But great space will be also given to the critical analysis of important case studies through which tutors will trace the most significant features of the correlation between geopolitics and finance. Some in-depth studies (virtual masterclasses) will also be conducted by professionals and experts in finance and geopolitics.

EMSE also includes a more practical and laboratory sessions. Participants work in teams in the management of a financial portfolio (through the eToro platform), and they create a Strategic Outlooks based on hypothetical future scenarios specifically designed for simulations / exercises.

At the end of the course, the work of each team will be evaluated by the board of Diplomatici who will choose to assign a prize / recognition to the team (s) that will have:

  • generated the greatest amount of credits through the most profitable portfolio management;
  • created the most accurate Strategic Outlook during the exercises.

Lesson I – EMSE Welcome

  • Course introduction & executive brief
  • Case study: Gamestop Corporation (GME)


Lesson II – Financial Markets & Financial Intermediaries

  • The Financial Market and Financial Intermediaries
  • Understanding Stocks and Shares


Lesson III – The Stock Market

  • The EMSE Trading platform by eToro
  • Laboratory 1
  • Case study: COVID-19, the black Swan


Lesson IV – Political Economy & Geopolitics

  • The history of Political Economy
  • The different School of thought
  • A geopolitical overview of the World


Lesson V – Monetary Policy & Government Bonds

  • Political Economy and monetary policy
  • Understanding Bonds
  • Laboratory 2


Lesson VI –Risk Management & the future of investments

  • Market Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Environment Society and Governance (ESG) – the future of investments


Lesson VII – Geopolitics & Financial Markets

  • How does geopolitics affect the financial markets?
  • Understanding Commodities and Currencies
  • Laboratory 3


Lesson VIII – Understanding variables

  • Case study: com bubble. The 2000 Internet bubble burst
  • Case study: The 2008 subprime crisis


Lesson IX – Strategic Outlook presentation

  • Strategic Outlook presentation of the 10best


CW Education Model Stock Exchange

  • Closing and award ceremony


PLEASE NOTE: the program may be subject to variations

In order to apply to EMSE you first have to fill the registration form and decide when to schedule your Skype interview (date and time) with our admission board. Students who successfully pass the interview will qualify for admission. The Skype interview is free of charge. EMSE participation fee only has to be paid upon admission. Diplomatici provides the best applicants with a special grant (financial aid).

The course is open to young people (students and non-students) aged between 16 and 28. A good level of English is mandatory. Language certifications are not necessary but it is good to keep in mind that all teaching and simulation activities are carried out in English. It is therefore important to have written and oral interaction skills.

Since the teaching activity takes place remotely, before registering it is necessary to verify that you have an internet connection and one (or more) devices capable of supporting the functioning of the tools through which the work is carried out.

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250 students
20 hours +
Online Course
University, High School
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