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CWMUN New York City

CWMUN New York City

  • Places
    5000 students
  • Date
    March 24-26, 2023
  • University
    New York City
  • Locations
    Multiple locations
  • License
    University, High School, Middle School

Change the World MUN New York

New York is defined by its skyline—the silhouette created by Manhattan’s buildings is instantly recognizable and utterly mesmerizing. In fact, NYC is home to more than 200 buildings measuring 500 feet or taller; roughly double that of its closest US competitor. You can appreciate the skyline’s grandeur from the observation decks atop the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock and revel in its scope from lower vantage points like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Brooklyn Heights promenade. New York City is a melting pot of cultures moving in unity on 305 square miles of land. During the day, Central Park, Wall Street, United Nations, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, along with Ellis Island, capture the attention of every tourist. However, the city is alive 24-hours a day and nightlife is thriving. Times Square lights up while Broadway displays some of the best theater options the world has to offer. From Times Square and Central Park to the Empire State Building and Broadway, New York City is one of the world’s most exciting places to visit.

When: March 24 – 26, 2023

Throw that puffy jacket on a Viking pyre and do a little dance around it—winter will be over and sunny days are just around the corner! While there are many reasons that NYC in winter is awesome, there’s only so much of it that we can take. Take the opportunity to stuff our faces in the sunshine and attend one of the most beautiful life-changing experience like CWMUN!

Hotel: 4* Hotels TBC (Midtown, Manhattan)

The official hosting Hotels for CWMUN participants will be located in the heart of Manhattan, Midtown. The CWMUN Staff will be looking for the best Hotels for you and your students with a convenient access to the entire Big Apple and a comfortable respite at the end of the day.

Reservations for the CWMUN rates that also include lodging are only available through CWMUN, not via the hotel’s site or phone reservation system. If you have any questions, please contact us and do not forget to download our Disclaimer.

Speakers CWMUN NY 2023

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  • Marco Tardelli – CWMUN Goodwill Ambassador

Marco Tardelli was born in Capanne di Careggine on the 24th of September 1954. He is a football trainer and one of the best players in the Italian football history. He started his career in 1972 playing for Pisa for two years, then, for one year played for Como. Finally in 1975 he joined Juventus F.C. where during his ten years career in the club he won everything possible. Tardelli is five times Italian champion (1977, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1984), two times Italian Cup winner (1979, 1983), one UEFA Championship winner (1977), one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1984), one UEFA Super Cup winner (1984) and one UEFA Champions League winner (1985). He is one of the 9 players in all football history to win all three major European cups, and among these 9 players only three have also won the FIFA World Cup and are Gaetano Scirea, Antonio Cabrini and obviously Marco Tardelli. 

After his fantastic career at Juventus F.C. he moved to F.C Internazionale for two seasons and then he played his last career season for San Gallo in Switzerland.

In the early ’80s, Marco Tardelli was deemed one of the most important midfielders in the world and, in 1982, he was undoubtedly one of the key players of Espana ’82 FIFA World Cup scoring two memorable goals, one against the Argentina team of Diego Maradona and one during the final match won by Italy with the score of 3 – 1 against the Federal Rep. Of Germany. The celebration of his goal scored during the final match remains one of the most famous and evocative images of the beauty of sport of all times.

He also has an important palmares as a football coach, having trained football clubs such as F.C Internazionale, Como, Bari and obtaining a very important success with the Italian under-21 team winning the European Cup in 2000. He is now an appreciated sport commentator for the most known radio and television programs.

During all his life he stood up focusing the attention of the media on the high values of fair play, on the respect of the rules, on the effectiveness of team work and especially on the high values of sport such as discipline, hard work and sacrifice. His idea of football and sports is linked to the values of healthy competition as a training ground for life for all the younger generations.


  • Zbigniew Boniek –  Special Guest

Zbigniew Boniek is a Polish former World Football Player and has been Vice-President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) since 2021.

 Boniek started his football career in several Polish Football teams, before transferring to Italian Team Juventus in 1982, helping the team gain several national and international Cups.

In 1986 he joined Italian football Club Roma.

He also took part into three FIFA World Cups with the Polish National Team, winning the bronze medal at the 1982 World Cup.

After his retirement, he went on to pursuing a coaching career, before becoming the chairman of the Polish Football Association in 2012, place that he left in 2021 when he was elected as one of UEFA’s Vice-Presidents.

For his career, he was nominated as one of the greatest Living Footballers and received the Golden Foot Legends Award.


  • Dario Nardella – Institutional guest speaker

Dario Nardella has been Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Florence since 2015.

Nardella started his political career in 2004, after being elected as a member of the Florence City’s Council. He was also re-elected in 2009.

In 2012 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic, where he remained until 2014, when he assumed the office of Deputy-Mayor pro tempore, until the city’s elections.

The election took place in 2014 and Mr. Nardella became Mayor of the City of Florence, becoming then Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Florence.

 In 2019, he was reconfirmed to a second term.

Since 2020 he is the President of Eurocities, an association of European mayors, with the target of bringing the instances of the cities to the European Union attention.


  • Lucio Caracciolo

Lucio Caracciolo is the Editor in Chief of Limes, Italian Review of Geopolitics, the leading publication in Italy in international affairs. Since 2000 he also directs Heartland, Eurasian Review of Geopolitics. From 1976 to 1983 he has been editor and then head of the political division of La Repubblica. Caracciolo is a commentator for numerous Italian and foreign newspapers and has written articles and essays for Italian, German, American, and French scientific publications.


  • Salvatore Carrubba

Salvatore Carrubba worked as a director of Luigi Einaudi Foundation on Economics and Political Studies in Rome, Editor in chief of Mondo Economico and Il Sole-24 Ore, Managing director of Il Sole-24 Ore Group. He is President of the National Committee “Le vie di Mozart”, Member of the Steering Committee of the Institute for International Affairs and the Trilateral Commission. Today he is President of the College Foundation of Milanese Universities, of Piccolo Teatro of Milan, lecturer and member of the IULM University Board and President of Luigi Einaudi Center of Turin.


  •  Maria Latella

Maria Latella is a journalist and political analyst in Italy and Europe.

She is a Member of the Consiglio Superiore dell’Istruzione, the top advisory board to the former Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi and Adjunct Professor at LUISS Guido Carli. University in Rome, in charge of relationships with other top education bodies around Europe.

She worked at Corriere della Sera reporting on politics and current affairs, hosted TV programs for RAI Tre and Sky, she was Editor of the successful weekly magazine A, published by Rcs group and creator and host of programs for Radio24 with a focus on current affairs political, economic and gender equality.

In 2005, the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi made her a Dame of the Republic of Italy.


  •  Maurizio Massari

Maurizio Massari graduated in 1982 at istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples with specialization in Eastern European Affairs.

He has a Master’s Degree in International Public Policy at the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C

Maurizio Massari is the Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations in New York. He has also served as the Permanent Representative of Italy to the European Union (June 2016 – May 2021), and as Special Envoy of the Italian Foreign Minister for the Mediterranean and the Middle East (2012-2013).


  • Myrta Merlino

Myrta Merlino is a journalist and an italian tv presenter. After graduating in Political Science she has worked for the Italian Council of Ministers and European economic Council. She started her career in journalism in 1994 and since then has worked in all the major italian tv channels and newspapers, interviewing the most important personalities. She has also worked extensively for the radio and is the author of some texts and the dictionary of community terms distributed in 250,000 copies with the newspapers Il Mattino and La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.


  •  Francesco Priolo

Francesco Priolo is Provost of Catania University since 2019 and Ordinary Professor of Structure of the Matter.

He graduated cum Laude in Physics from Catania University. After gaining his PhD, he funded in 2004 the Center of Materials and Technologies for Information, communication and Solar Energy.

After several managerial roles inside national and international prestigious academics centres, he was elected in 2019 as Provost of Catania University.

He is author of more than 400 papers on international journals, holds 3 patents and is a Fellow of the Italian Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.


  • Federico Rampini

Federico Rampini is an Italian journalist of international tenure.

He started his journalistic career writing for Città Futura (1976-79) passing then to Rinascita (1979-1982). After that, he became deputy editor of Italian’s newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Since 1997, Rampini is an editorialist and correspondent of La Repubblica, for which he also directed the Milan’s Newsroom.

For his journalistic work and his essays, he won numerous awards, like the “Luigi Barzini” Award (2005) and the “Saint-Vincent” Award (2006).


  • Fabrizio Rindi

Fabrizio Rindi as been Chairman of Kairos Partners SGR since January 2021.

From 2003 to 2009 he was President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy and since 2009 he has been the Honorary President.

Among the other positions held during his career, Fabrizio Rindi was Vice President Vicar of the I.R.S.A. (Institute for Insurance Research and Development); President of the Distribution Commission before, and Chairman of the Committee for Public Relations and of the Marketing Committee then, of the C.E.A. (Comite European des Assurances); member of the Committee of the Presidency and of the Board of Directors of PEFIN (Financial of the Pellegrini Group) now PELLEGRINI S.p.A.; Director of the Accademia di Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo del Teatro alla Scala; Vice President of ANIA (National Association of Insurance Companies); member of the Board of Directors of Mus-e Milano ONLUS.

In 2002 he was appointed Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great; while in 2003 he was awarded by the President of the Italian Republic the title of Knight of Labour.


  • Mariaclotilde Adosini

Is an Italian fencing player. She was the protagonist of an episode of great human and sporting value. In Beauvais, France, the athlete had initially won the Under-20 Fencing World Cup, but after realising a scoring error made by the referee, she then gave up her victory. Italy’s leading newspapers named it the winner of the FairPlay award, as she is a young player who lives sport in its truest sense.


  • Paolo Scaroni

Paolo Scaroni is Deputy Chairman of Rothschild Group, Chairman of Giuliani S.p.A., Chairman of A.C. Milan and Member of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Business School of New York.

After a degree from Bocconi University and a Master at the Columbia University, Scaroni entered the French Multinational Saint-Gobain, covering several managerial positions around the world.

After a long career in Italian engineering group Techint, he entered in Italian’s energy companies ENI and ENEL, covering the role of CEO. When his term ended in 2014, he became deputy chairman of international financial advisory group Rothschild Group & Co.

Since 2018 he also is Chairman of AC Milan, an Italian Football Club.


  • Boris Tadić

Boris Tadić was the President of the Republic of Serbia from July 2004 to April 2012.

Born in Sarajevo, he graduated from the University of Belgrade with a degree in psychology. He later worked as a journalist, military psychologist, and as a teacher at the First Belgrade Gymnasium. Tadić joined the Democratic Party (DS) in 1990 and was elected to the National Assembly after the 1993 election. In 2000, he was appointed as the minister of telecommunications in the government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a role which he held until 2003, after which he was appointed minister of defence in the government of Serbia.

In his time in office, President Tadić strengthened Serbia’s democracy and was an active promoter of the consolidations in the relationships of the Balkan States.

He also re-shaped the strategic and political partnership between Serbia and major international actors, like the United States of America, the European Union, Russia and China.


  • Przemysław Czarnek


Przemysław Czarnek is Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland and Member of the Polish Parliament.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

Specialising in constitutional law, Mr Czarnek wrote numerous monographs and scientific articles and serves as a professor at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

In the 2015-2019 period, he served as the Voivode of Lublin.

At that time, he was involved in the implementation of the structural reform of the Voivodeship’s schools and institutions and actively participated in the debate on the education system reform.

In 2019, he was elected to the 9th term Sejm of the Republic of Poland. His duties as a deputy include serving as the deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Justice and Human Rights Committee.

On 19 October 2020, he was appointed Minister of Education and Science.


  • Guido Crosetto – Guest of Honour


Guido Crosetto is the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Italy.

In 1990 he was elected Mayor of the Municipality of Marene (CN) where he remained in office until 2004.

From 1999 to 2009, he was Provincial Councilor of the Province of Cuneo.

In the 15th Legislature he was elected as a Member of Parliament and was a member of the Permanent Committee on Budget, Treasury and Planning.

In the 16th Legislature he served as Undersecretary of State for Defence.

After his term as Undersecretary, he was appointed as a member of the Foreign and Community Affairs Commission and then of the Budget, Treasury and Planning Commission. 

On 14 November and 2012, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit of the Italian Red Cross.

In 2014, he was appointed President of AIAD, the Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defence and Security.

He has been Minister of Defence since 22 October 2022 and at the same time was appointed Chancellor and Treasurer of the Military Order of Italy.


  • Vitalij KlyčkoVIDEO CONFERENCE

Vitalij Volodymyrovyč Klyčko has been mayor of Kiev since 2014.

In 2006 he was appointed to the Ukrainian dele- gation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

In April 2010 Vitalij Volodymyrovyč Klyčko became the leader of the newly formed UDAR, a liberal-inspired party with which he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament during the 2012 national elections.

In 2014, he was elected Mayor of Kiev, a position he reappointed in 2015.

Considered among the best heavyweights in boxing history, he held the WBC, WBO and The Ring titles in the division and was named ‘champion emeritus’ by the WBC.

Until his retirement in 2013, he combined his boxing career with political activity in the coun- try. 




Tentative Agenda


  • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM | CWMUN Opening Ceremony
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Lunch break
  • 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Committee Session #1


  • 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Committee Session #2
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Lunch break
  • 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Committee Session #3


  • 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Committee Session #4
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Lunch break
  • 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM | CWMUN Closing Ceremony

PLEASE NOTE: the agenda may vary due to the availability of the chosen locations and the guests attending the event.

Conference venue

The CWMUN working sessions are nornally held in large dedicated spaces (conference centers, hotels, etc.) that allow participants to work with their peers in different Committee. CWMUN is sponsored by Associazione Diplomatici, NGO in consultative Status with ECOSOC. Associazione Diplomatici is not formally tied to the United Nations but is supports its mission. Thanks to the support of the Italian Permanent Mission to the UN the Opening Ceremony of the Change the World Model UN, for the editions 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, have taken place in the General Assembly Hall of the UN Headquarters in NYC. The request for the use of the GA Hall for the 2023 CWUN is currently being reviewed by the UN Secretariat. The availability of the spaces within the UNHQ is naturally subject to the Secretariat approval, the carrying out of any ordinary and extraordinary events of the Organization of the United Nations, as well as its anti-Covid policy.

Change the World Academy: Registration

To participate in the Change the World Model UN Conference it is necessary to send the application and face a selection interview with the staff members of Change the World. Selected candidates are given the opportunity to enroll in Change the World Academy and attend the entire training course that ends with their participation in the CWMUN Conference. Access to CWMUN events is only granted to students who are regularly enrolled in the Change the World Academy and completed the preliminary course.

Thanks to Associazione Diplomatici, main sponsor of the Change the World Model UN,  all the eligible applicants can take advantage of merit-based grant that includes:

  • a financial aid that can be spent as deduction from the Change the World Academy enrollment fees;
  • free participation to the CWMUN NYC Conference;
  • free access to the Conference(s) venue(s).

Change the World Academy: Enrollment options

The pricing you see is only valid for those students who passed the selection interview and automatically benefit from the Associazione Diplomatici merit-based grant.

Option 1 > CWMUN NYC “Smart”: 875,00 EUR (2.325€)

The “Smart” option includes:

  • The Change the World Academy enrollment fees;
  • Hotel accommodation 4 days / 3 nights in New York

Option 2 > CWMUN NYC “Classic”: 1075,00 EUR (2.525€)

The “Classic” option includes:

  • The Change the World Academy enrollment fees;
  • Hotel accommodation 6 days / 5 nights in New York

What are you paying for and why: you are asked to pay the Change the World Academy admission fees and the cost of hotel nights for your stay in NYC. The price is determined by the difference between the actual cost of the Smart (2.325,00€) or Classic (2.525,00€) packages and the merit-based grant provided by Associazione Diplomatici. | e.g., CWMUN Smart: 2.325,00€ – 1.450,00€ (Diplomatici’s financial aid) = 875,00€ total due.

PLEASE NOTE: Your participation in the CWMUN NYC Model UN Conference will be free and guaranteed as an integral part of the merit-based grant provided by Associazione Diplomatici.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our FAQ page

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Citizens of VWP countries need to register with the US Department of Homeland Security three days before their visit. There is a $14 fee for registration application; when approved, the registration is valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.


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Letter of invitation

CWMUN is more than happy to assist you while getting a Visa offering help or writing your letter of invitation. However, writing a letter of invitation does not guarantee you are getting a Visa, CWMUN will not interfere with any Embassy or Consulate decisions or contact them on behalf on any person. Before planning your trip, please contact your local authorities for further information on how to get your Visa successfully.

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This information is only a guide. Some visa offices may ask for administrative fees. Make sure to have all info at your end before submitting your request.

How to reach the Conference Venue

More information will be soon available

NYC Safety Tips

To be safe in NYC is to use general common sense. However, with so many different neighborhoods and such dense population, there are some safety tips you should know when traveling in NYC. Keep Your Valuables Safe: The CWMUN host Hotel offers in-room safes that are laptop compatible. For peace of mind, we highly recommend storing your valuables in these free safes. Know Who is at Your Door: When you hear a knock on the door, make sure to check through the peep hole on the door before opening it. During the CWMUN week, CWMUN Security Staff Members will walk around floors at night to make sure everything is okay. They always wear an identification badge. Do not Travel in Unmarked NY Taxi Cabs: Commonly referred to as “Gypsy Cabs,” these unmarked NYC taxicabs are usually non-metered, non-insured and non-licensed. Avoid a rip-off – or something worse – by denying a trip in these unmarked NY taxicabs.

The reason why I loved Change the World is because it gives the students the ability to learn how to cooperate with others and find a way to all work together from different perspectives to come up with a shared resolution. Understanding how to put yourself in others’ shoes is not easy challenge, but I think is what the world needs today

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