December 10-14, 2024 Brussels

an initiative of the Circle U. Teaching Innovation Lab (CU.til)




Circle U. MUN, supported and coached by CWMUN and Associazione Diplomatici,

is an international student forum focused on a United Nations simulation among students, based on debates and discussions of the most pressing global issues.

The Conference is open to Bachelors and Masters students (of any field of study) and takes place in Brussels, the European capital par excellence.

The experience is designed for young people who want to change the world and improve themselves. It represents an opportunity to grow, learn to relate to those who think differently and become global citizens. 

Candidates will have the unforgettable opportunity of debating among international peers, participating in high-level workshops, engaging with international leaders and visiting the European Parliament.

Why should you participate in this Conference ?

  • To engage in contemporary global issues, diplomacy and the inner functioning of the United Nations;
  • To develop essential life skills such as debating, negotiating, public speaking, collaboration and networking;
  • To analyse in depth the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on sustainable education, health, environment and international geopolitical balances;
  • To encourage out-of-the-box thinking, carefully looking for creative and innovative diplomatic solutions;
  • To engage with geopolitics experts and political leaders;
  • To help you reflect and understand further your career goals;
  • To help foster immersive learning experiences in the academic curriculum.

An educational experience of international value

In the Heart of Europe

The voice of participants

Circle U. MUN, supported and trained by CWMUN, the world's largest Model UN network.



Once you have submitted your application here, it is necessary to participate in a selection interview with our Board to gain access to a special price reserved for you!

  • Students interested in financial support for attending the conference may explore opportunities with their own university and/or provided by the EU. Visit the following website for more information and refer to the International Department of your University to know more.
  • Participants enrolled in a University part of the Circle U. alliance* may request 5 ECTS to be credited, pending a specific registration procedure to be achieved individually by each participant.

Aarhus University, ​​​​​​​University of Belgrade, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, King's College London, UCLouvain, University of Oslo, Université Paris Cité, University of Pisa, University of Vienna.



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CWMUN 2023 has been a great experience, the whole journey was a beautiful experience. I hope I can repeat it in the future to live the same emotions again.

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Who we are

Circle U. is a research-intensive and interdisciplinary university alliance working to provide outstanding education, research and innovation to contribute to more sustainable, democratic and healthier societies.

The nine universities that are part of our network are firmly built on academic freedom and integrity as fundamental values. Each one plays important roles in shaping national and regional higher education and research systems.

Circle U. has been recognized as one of the current 50 and soon 60 university alliances which have been founded in recent years as part of the European Union’s "European Universities Initiative".

Associazione Diplomatici is an NGO with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Since 2000, through a complementary education to school and university, it has prepared over 100.000 students from all over the world on current issues and international careers who then took part in international forums organized by AD at the United Nations or in other institutional contexts in Italy and abroad.

The Association is supported by a Board of Directors made up of internationally well-known personalities.

The task of the Board is to propose didactic themes and topics to be treated at the events of the "Change the World - World Program" and other events organized by Diplomatici.

Together, we represent more than 470,000 students, 38.000 academic and scientific staff, 26.400 administrative staff and 119 faculties.

The Board of Director at the United Nations Building with the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, guest of honor of Change the World MUN New York 2018

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programmes of the European Union.

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