Our Prestigious Partners

The Change the World Model UN Secretariat is pleased to mention its official partners for the CWMUN World Program and Associazione Diplomatici.

These partnerships reflect the CWMUN Secretariat’s commitment to excellence and expertise in high quality level Model UN Conferences and to continuing a tradition of what our participants rely on: academically and educationally focused in providing students the best Model UN experience ever. We are honored that all these people are happy to contribute and provide the highest quality service to students and strongly believe in Model UN as life-changing experience.

Eastwest European Institute

Founded by Claudio Corbino, President of Associazione Diplomatici and CWMUN CEO, and Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Director of the EASTWEST Magazine, the EASTWEST European Institute (EWEI) has been founded with the aim of strengthening the international dimension of the network and the quality of the training proposal of Associazione Diplomatici and CWMUN. Thanks to EWEI, all Associazione Diplomatici & CWMUN activities will be further expanded with specific study initiatives, and simulations of the main European institutions, in particular the European Commission. The new projects will be held in many capitals such as Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Brussels and will have the function of urging young people to change their vision on the values and functions of the European Union. Each project will take place in prominent institutional locations with the support of local authorities that, from time to time, will be hosting such activities. As per its protocol, the EWEI Scientific Committee will monitor all Associazione Diplomatici activities (which will – by its nature – maintain its management) and is composed of Claudio Corbino as managing director, Giuseppe Scognamiglio, as Chairman, by Romano Prodi, former President of the Council of Ministers and of the European Commission, Giuliano Amato, former President of the Council of Ministers, Emma Bonino, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor of the German Government, Enrico Giovannini, former Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland, Enrico Letta, former President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Nava, President-designate of Consob, Pier Carlo Padoan, former Minister of Economics and Finance, Anne-Marie Slaughter, former director of Political Planning for the Obama Government, Paola Severino, Rector of the LUISS, former Italian Minister of Justice, and Javier Solana, former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union.
Such new initiative, also because of the extraordinary quality and experience of the personalities that strongly support it, will give new impetus to both traditional and new projects of Associazione Diplomatici & CWMUN, in the wake of the twenty-year action of the association that has always received words of appreciation and always will.

NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi students are among the most talented in the world. They bring an astounding range of interests and skills to a richly diverse and exciting undergraduate experience. They are students who strive to make their own mark on a more knowledgeable, productive, responsible, just, and peaceful globe. Located at a new crossroads of the world, enriched by the intellectual vitality and research opportunities of a new world-class research institute, and benefiting from an active connection to NYU New York and other NYU global sites, NYU Abu Dhabi provides the finest preparation for careers in a global world and for leadership in enhancing the quality of that world.

MUN Inc.

MUN Inc. is an Egyptian startup established by a team of passionate MUNers to promote & enrich MUN Culture in Egypt. Since its establishment in 2014, MUN Inc. has delivered workshops to hundreds of students, and has given opportunities for students to participate in conferences in NYC, Rome, Lisbon, Budapest, and Prague. MUN Inc. believes that promoting MUN Culture through these opportunities and workshops, students will improve their self awareness and pursue their passions, ultimately leading on to a successful future.

St. Peter School

St. Peter’s School Barcelona is a private International school where students old are prepared to face the challenges they will meet throughout their lives. Not only School gives the children the academic excellence they need to enter the most prestigious universities around the world, but also encourages them to become well-informed, independent and open-minded individuals, ready to study, work or live wherever they wish. As well as focus on languages, they prepare the students to become changemakers, equipped with a range of skills in science, technology, humanities, design and communications.


Limes, the Italian geopolitical magazine directed by Lucio Caracciolo, was founded in 1993 and is now established as one of the most influential and authoritative places of geopolitical reflection in Europe. The date of foundation is significant: Limes was born soon after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, at a time of extraordinary geopolitical changes in Europe and worldwide.
Unlike other geopolitical magazine, Limes is based on very different skills and approaches. In fact, it puts together scholars (historians, geographers, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, anthropologists , etc.), but also decision-makers (political, diplomatic, military, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.) in an open exchange of views and a fruitful contamination of approaches.


Eastwest, the italian geopolitical bimonthly magazine offers a range of exclusive and original articles from every corner of the globe. Analyses, interviews, influential opinions, exchanges of ideas and chronicles of international politics, as it increasingly shapes current events and all our lives. From technological revolutions to economic and financial ones, not forgetting social developments, Eastwest encompasses a new geopolitical paradigm.