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Hands-on approach through eToro platform

Vertical insight into concrete case-studies

Team working and network with participants from different countries

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Education is your best investment


How does Geopolitics influence the Stock Market ?

The increasing importance of financial activity in everyday life has pushed us to devise a unique educational program to train future leaders to understand not only the complexity of financial dynamics in globalized markets, but knowing how to grasp the connection between geopolitics and finance and their strategic implications.

EMSE is nota way to learnonline Trading

The main focus is oriented to the analysis of the bilateral relationship between macro-economic and financial dynamics, and global cultural, political and social changes.

Through a simple and accessible didactic approach, the Educational Model Stock Exchange allows you to understand why and how geopolitical events have a massive impact on financial markets.


Over 20 hours of webinars with the best financial analysts and professionals.


Hands-on approach to concretely understand how to manage financial assets using the eToro platform.

Case studies

Vertical insights into concrete case studies carried out with the support experts at Kairos.

Learn how towork in team to create the best investment plan

EMSE includes a practical and laboratory sessions where you will work in teams with your classmates. The goal is to jointly develop the best financial Plan using the available technical tools. Furthermore, through teamwork you will have to create a Strategic Outlook based on hypothetical future scenarios specifically designed for simulations.

Who we are

The Change the World Academy is sponsored by Associazione Diplomatici. It is an NGO with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Since 2000, through a complementary education to school and university, it has prepared over 30.000 students from all over the world on current issues and international careers who then took part in international forums organized by AD at the United Nations or in other institutional contexts in Italy and abroad.

The Association is supported by a Board of Directors made up of internationally renowned personalities.

The task of the Board is to propose didactic themes and topics to be treated at the events of the "Change the World - World Program" and other events organized by Diplomatici.

The Board of Director at the United Nations Building with the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, guest of honor of Change the World MUN New York 2018